Equine bodywork is for every horse, young or old, working or retired. Using a hands on, holistic approach, bodywork is more than just massage as it is a combination of myofascial release, sports massage, trigger point therapy along with passive and dynamic stretching.
The bodyworker needs a good understanding of equine anatomy and physiology as the session will include deep and superficial muscle location and isolation. It will also target specific areas which need working on, as well as locating stress points and muscle tension. Stretches within the session will help mobilize the joints.
The benefits to your horse include:
1. Boosting circulation
2. Increase muscle health by encouraging fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to the tissues while expelling toxins, edema and other waste. 
3. Improve range of motion and increase stamina. 
4. Enhance gait quality and performance as well as improved muscle tone.


Having regular sessions is a good way to monitor your horses condition and can flag any issues before injury occurs. 
equine bodywork can be used in conjunction with other professionals, including the vet in a rehabilitation program.


Giving your horse the power to succeed by allowing him the freedom to move.

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